Ginseng, Root of Life

Ginseng, the Root of Life has, for thousands of years, fascinated mankind by is amazing vertues, in such a way that they raised it to the rank of a divinity, and have worshiped it. Never a plant has been such an inspiration for respect and envy. Loved and adulated, it even have raised up conflicts for the land it grew on. This plant, which secret powers have been transmitted in an empiric way for over 5000 years is today reckognized by the World of Science which acknowledges its benefits.

Ginseng, the Root of Life, Source of Youth, stimulating, bracing, revitalizing is now best known worldwide.

Ginseng is now grown everywhere by plant livers, such as Mr. Blanvilain, who harvests the Root in the middle of the France in ideal climatic conditions, and can therefore guarantee it purity and origin. He grown the most noble brand of Ginseng, accoring to the ancestral traditions, with an exceptional meticulousness that preserves every property of the plant.

The Ginseng that Mr. Blanvilain presents is a fully natural product . Harvested and prepared witouht the lest chemical transformation, the Root of Life is simply dried in the otpimal conditions of hygiene and security.

Without any toxicity, Ginseng is harmless and can be absorbed without any inconvenience, it is perfectly tolerated and doens't cause any secondary effect. It doens't have any icompatibilty issue, and may be consumed with any other indication, no matter which.

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